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Accessing the Web Helpdesk

  1. Go to
  2. Login using the same username and password that you use to login to your computer or check your e-mail everyday. See examples below for username formatting.
    1. Windows XP Login Box
      Windows XP Login Box
    2. Windows 2000 Login Box
      Windows 2000 Login Box

    NOTE: Replace <username> with your login username.

  3. After logging in you will see the screen below. Click on the text My Helpdesk Console to continue.

  4. The next screen has four (4) areas that you should become familiar with in order to use the Web Helpdesk.
    1. User Information – see example below

      This area provides information specific to you – your login name, Name, Title, E-mail, Phone, and Department.

      NOTE: If you notice any incorrect information in this area, you can make changes as necessary. See Editing My Personal Info below for more information.
    2. Work Item History – see example below

      This area displays all of the work items that you have entered or that have been entered by CIS for you. Both Open and Closed (Completed) work items are listed in this area. Each work item entry contains the following information:
      1. Title – work item title/brief description
      2. Assigned – the CIS technician to whom your work item has been assigned
      3. Priority - Low, Medium, High, ASAP
      4. StatusOpen while in progress, Closed when completed
      5. Category – categorizes the particular type of problem
      6. Modified – date/time of the last update to the work item
      7. View icon - by clicking on this icon you can view more in-depth information about the work item. See Editing Existing Work Items below for more information.
    3. Navigation Icons – see example below

      This area has three (3) icons used for navigation through the Web Helpdesk. The function of each icon is explained below:
      1. New Work Item - by clicking this icon you can create a new work item. See Creating New Work Items below for more information.
      2. Edit My Info - by clicking this icon you can edit your personal information (Name, Title, E-mail, Phone, Cell Phone, Department, and Password). See Editing My Personal Info below for more information.
      3. Logoff - by clicking on this icon you can logoff of My Helpdesk Console.
    4. Bulletins – see example below

      This area provides important bulletins, updates, and information about the Web Helpdesk. The CIS Department will update this area as needed.

Creating New Work Items

You can create a new work item through the Web Helpdesk at anytime by clicking on the New Work Item icon . After clicking this icon, you will see the screen below.

Please enter the following information to complete a new work item:

  1. Title – Enter your full name, your building/room number, and a BRIEF description of the problem.
  2. Comment – Provide a DETAILED description of the problem. Please include as much information as possible (error messages, equipment inventory numbers, screen shots, etc).

Be sure to click OK after entering your information. THE WORK ITEM WILL NOT BE SAVED UNTIL YOU CLICK OK. You may click CANCEL at anytime to discard the unsaved work item.


Creating New Work Items – Adding Attachments

You can add attachments to your work items to help provide more information. You can attach items such as the following:

To add an attachment, complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the paperclip icon in the upper right corner of the Attachments box on the New Work Item screen. You will see the screen below:

  2. Click the Browse button. You will see the screen below:

  3. Highlight the file as shown above and then click Open. You will see the screen below:

  4. You may add a file description if you would like or if necessary for clarity. Click the blue text Upload to attach the file to the work item. Once the file is attached you will see the screen below:

  5. Click OK to finish attaching the file. The work item screen will appear and the attached file will be displayed as seen below:

NOTE: You can attach more than one file if necessary.

Editing My Personal Info

By clicking on the Edit My Info icon from the My Helpdesk Console you can make changes to your personal information.

  1. From the My Helpdesk Console page, click the Edit My Info icon on the right. You will see the page below:

  2. Make any necessary changes on this screen. Be sure to click OK to save any changes that you have made.

NOTE: The Password field is not used for this installation of Web Helpdesk should remain blank. Please do not add or make changes to this information.

Editing Existing Work Items

You can make changes or view any changes that have been made to your work items at any time by clicking on the View icon .

  1. Click the View icon of the work item that you want to view. You will see a window similar to the following:

    Any changes or updates, including work performed by a CIS tech, will be displayed on this page. Entries are date/time stamped and listed in chronological order starting with the most recent entry.
  2. To add a new entry to the work item, click the Edit icon on the right side of the page. You will see the following screen:

    You can add additional information (attachments, new developments to the existing problem) to the work item on this screen.

NOTE: You can not change the Title, Category, Priority, or Status of the work item through the Edit screen.

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