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Helpful Hints



  1. Open your Multiple Choice Template
  2. Unprotect the Template (Tools, Unprotect Document)
  3. Select "View" from the menu
  4. Select "Header / Footer"
  5. In the Header type the Course Name/Number at the left margin: HIST 1121
  6. Switch to the Footer by selecting the "Switch between Header and Footer" icon on the Header/Footer Toolbar (4th icon from the right - page with yellow bar above & below)
  7. Press the Tab key to move to the center of the Footer area
  8. Select "Insert AutoText" from the Header/Footer Toolbar
  9. Select "Page x of y"
  10. Select the "Page Setup" icon on the Toolbar (open book, on right of yellow clock)
  11. Select the "Layout" tab
  12. Under Header/Footer turn on "different 1st page" to suppress the header/footer on page 1
  13. Look at other options in the "Set Up" dialog box
  14. Click "OK" to close the dialog box and save changes
  15. Look at the Header/Footer Toolbar icons
  16. Close the Toolbar
  17. Protect the Template (Tools, Protect Document)
  18. Save and close the Template
  19. Open a new blank MC Test based on your template (File, New)
  20. Unprotect the document
  21. Go to page 2 and double click on the Header to open the Header area
  22. Edit the Header to include the test name or number and the date
  23. Close the Header
  24. Protect the document
  25. Now your ready to type your test!
  26. Save the test
  27. Close the test


  1. Open the file you are going to put the notes in.
  2. Place the insertion point in Section B number 1B after ATC (in yellow)
  3. Select "Insert" from the menu
  4. Select "Footnote"
  5. Select "Footnote"
  6. Select "Options"
  7. Click OK
  8. Click OK
  9. Type the footnote "Albany Tech College"
  10. Move the mouse pointer of the footnote marker and observe the footnote text
  11. Place a footnote in Section B after athletics (in yellow)
  12. Type the footnote "Darton athletics programs are offered in baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, softball"
    Notice that the footnotes were automatically renumbered
  13. Select "View" from the menu then "Normal"
  14. Double-click the footnote marker number 2 to edit the footnote
  15. Edit the footnote to read "Albany Technical College"

To delete a footnote or endnote

  1. Select the footnote/endnote marker (not the footnote/endnote)
  2. Press the "Delete" key


  1. Open the file TABS
  2. Place the insertion point after To: and press the TAB key
  3. Type "Kathy Bishop"
  4. Arrow down to the From line and press TAB after the colon
  5. Type your name
  6. Arrow down to the Date line and press TAB after the colon
  7. Type today's date
  8. Arrow down to the Subject line and press TAB after the colon
  9. Type "Conference Expenses"
    Notice that the Subject tab does not line up with the other tabs - Default tabs are set every half inch.
  10. Select the To:, From:, Date:, and Subject: lines
  11. Click the mouse just under the 1 inch mark on the ruler
    Doing so will move the first tab marker to the 1 inch mark
  12. With the lines still selected, Select "Format" from the menu
  13. Select "Tabs"
  14. Clear the 1 in tab
  15. Type ".75" in the "Tab Stop Position" box
  16. Click the "Set" button
  17. Click "OK"
  18. Select the lines Rooms:, Meals, Travel, and Misc:
  19. Click the increase indent icon (blue right arrow) on the Formatting Toolbar
  20. Change the tab stop from "Left" to "Decimal" by clicking 3 times on the gray square at the top left of the Window.
  21. Click the mouse under the 3 inch mark on the ruler
    This will place a decimal tab stop at 3 inches for the selected lines
  22. Place the insertion after the colon on the rooms line
  23. Press the Tab key
  24. Type 1200.50
  25. Arrow down and Type 925.25
  26. Arrow down and Type 2,250.75
  27. Arrow down and Type 225.25
  28. Select the 4 expense rows
  29. Click and drag the decimal tab marker on the ruler from the 3 inch marker to the 2 inch marker
  30. Select "Format" from the menu
  31. Select "Tabs"
  32. In the Tabs dialog box, select the number 2 leader
  33. Click "OK"
  34. Deselect the text