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Helpful Hints

Inserting Graphics into Documents:

Inserting Clip Art and the Clip Art Toolbar

  1. Open the file you want to insert the picture into.
  2. Select "Insert" from the menu
  3. Select "Picture"
  4. Select "Clip Art"
  5. From the Clip Art dialog box, select "Academic"
  6. Select the clip art of your choice with a single click
  7. Select "Insert Clip" from the clip-art toolbar (1st icon)
  8. Close the clip art dialog box
  9. Size the picture by placing the mouse pointer over the sizing handles (small black squares around the select image), click and drag the mouse.
  10. Select the "Image Control" icon ( 2nd from left) on the Picture Toolbar
  11. Select "WaterMark"
  12. Select the "Text Wrapping" icon (framed dog) on the Picture Toolbar
  13. Select "Tight"
  14. Move the image into the middle of the first paragraph by placing your mouse pointer inside the image, then click and drag
    Notice that the mouse pointer changes to a diamond shape
  15. Select the "Text Wrapping" icon and select "Behind Text"
  16. Select the "Restore Picture" icon (far right on Picture Toolbar)
  17. Select "Tight" text wrapping
  18. Move and size the image

Capturing and inserting a Web Image

  1. Start Internet Explorer
  2. On the Darton Homepage, select "Class Schedules and College Catalog"
  3. Select Summer/Fall/Spring Schedule in the gray box.
  4. Right-click on the Darton logo

   Copy & Past the image

  1. Select Copy
  2. Switch back to your word document
  3. Paste the image into your document

   Capture, Save, and Insert the image

  1. Select "Save Picture As"
  2. Select the Desktop Folder, then click Save
  3. Switch back to your word document
  4. From the "Insert" menu select "Picture"
  5. Select "From File"
  6. In the Insert Picture dialog box, select the Desktop folder
  7. Select the file "logo"

   Formatting the Image

  1. You can format the image with the Picture Toolbar, just as you formatted the clip art image.
  2. Select the image if it is not already selected
  3. Select "Format Picture" on the Picture Toolbar (paint bucket icon)
  4. Select the "Size" tab
  5. Make sure that "Lock Aspect Ratio" & "Relative to Original Size" are checked on
  6. Look at the other formatting options within the dialog box.