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Helpful Hints

Linking Word, Excel, and Power Point:

  1. Open the Word file "Link file"
  2. Open the Excel file "Charts"
  3. Select cell F10 on the Chart Data worksheet, it is the total sales for all quarters
  4. Copy the cell
  5. Switch to the Word "Link file"
  6. Place the insertion point in front of the period for the first sentence
  7. Paste the annual total
  8. Switch back to the Excel spreadsheet
  9. Press the "Esc" key
  10. Select "chart all quarters"
  11. Click you mouse in the white chart area
  12. Copy the selected chart
  13. Switch to the Word "Link file"
  14. Place the insertion point a couple of lines below the text
  15. Select "Edit" from the menu
  16. Select "Paste Special"
  17. Select "Past Link" and "Excel Chart Object"
  18. Click "OK"
  19. Switch back to the Excel spreadsheet
  20. Press the "Esc" key
  21. Select cell C6 (Quarter 2 for Main)
  22. Type 10,000
  23. Switch to the Word "Link file"
    Notice that the chart reflects the change, but the total in the first sentence does not. For automatic updates, you must use the "Edit" "Past Special" with "Past Link"
  24. Save the file