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Helpful Hints

Mail Merge:

  1. Open the file "Form Letter"
  2. Select "Tools" from the menu
  3. Select "Mail Merge"
  4. Select "Create"
  5. Select "Form Letter"
  6. Select "Active Window"
  7. Select "Get Data"
  8. Select "Open Data Source"
  9. Select the file "List to merge"
  10. Select "OK"
  11. Select "Edit Main Document"
  12. With the insertion point at the beginning of the form letter, select "Insert Merge Field" from the Mail Merge Toolbar
  13. Select "First", press the spacebar
  14. Select "Insert Merge Field", then "Last", and press the Enter key
  15. Insert the "Address" field and press the Enter Key
  16. Insert the City, State, and Zip fields
  17. Press the Enter Key 3 times
  18. Place the insertion point after the "r" in Dear and press the spacebar
  19. Insert the "First" field
  20. Select the "View Merged Data" icon (blue ABC)
  21. Select the "Mail Merge Helper" icon (to the right of the red-right arrow)
  22. Select "Query Options" in the dialog box
  23. Look at the Options
  24. Click "Cancel"
  25. In the "Mail Merge Helper" dialog box, select "Merge"
  26. Navigate thru the letters by selecting the Red left and right arrows on the Toolbar