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Helpful Hints

Templates & Forms:

Create a Memo Template

  1. Select "File" then "New"
  2. Select the "Memo" tab
  3. Select the "Contemporary Memo"
  4. Under "Create New" select "Template"
  5. Click "OK"
  6. On the Memo, select the "[Click here and type name]" and type your name
  7. Select and delete the text on "How to use this Memo Template"
  8. Make any other changes you would like to the memo template
  9. Save the template as "My Memo"
  10. Close the template
  11. Create a new Memo document base on "My Memo", located under the general tab after you select "File" then "New" from the menu

Create a Form

  1. Open the file "Phone Inquiry Form"
  2. Place the insertion point after the colon on the Date line, and press Tab
  3. Select "Text Form Field" from the Forms Toolbar ab|
  4. Right click on the Text Form field and select properties
  5. In the Type box, select "Current Date"
  6. Select a data format
  7. Click "OK"
  8. Place the insertion point after the colon on the "Office Called" line and press Tab
  9. Select the "Drop down Form field" icon from the Forms Toolbar (3rd from left)
  10. Select the Drop down field, then the "Form field Options" from the Toolbar
  11. In the drop down item box, type "Financial Aid" and click "Add"
  12. Type "Admissions" and click "Add"
  13. Type "Registrar" and click "Add"
  14. Select "Admissions" and click the "Move Up" arrow once
  15. Click "OK"
  16. Place the insertion point after the colon on the Name line and press Tab
  17. Select "Insert" from the menu, then field
  18. In the Field Name box, select "Fill In"
  19. In the Description box next to the word FILLIN type a space then double quotes and the following text "Enter the caller's name"
  20. Click "OK"
  21. Click "OK"
  22. Insert a Tab and a "Text Form Field" "Address:", and "Phone:"
  23. Place the insertion point in front of "Admissions"
  24. Select the "Check Box" icon from the Toolbar
  25. Right click the Check Box field and select "Properties"
  26. Look at the options
  27. Close the options box
  28. Insert a check box in front of "Financial Aid" and Registrar"
  29. Insert a "Text Form Field" under the Comments line
  30. Select "Tools" from the menu, then "Protect Document"
  31. Select "File", then "Save As" from the menu
  32. Give the file a descriptive name
  33. In the "Save As Type" box, select "Document Template"
  34. Click "Save"
  35. Close the file
  36. Create a new blank document based on your template.