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Histotechnology Certificate

Taiquanda Winbush
HT Education Coordinator
Building J, Room 254
(229) 317-6960

The Histotechnology certificate is a two semester program for qualified individuals seeking an opportunity in the pathology field. Graduates of the certificate program are eligible to take the National Registry exam for Histotechnician (HT) certification. Histotechnicians have a wide range of job opportunities including hospitals, independent laboratories, Academic and pharmaceutical research, dermatology practices, crime labs, forensics and histology sales.

The curriculum is designed to develop the student’s knowledge and ability to perform hands-on applications in a histology laboratory. Most of these applications are performed on tissue specimens, both human and veterinary.

Jane at MCCGHistotechnicians are responsible for all aspects of tissue preparation and work closely with pathologists to help them diagnose disease processes. Because each specimen is unique and usually un-reproducible, great care and skill is demanded of all histotechs.

Admission to the certificate program is open to all individuals who meet the following requirements:

Admission Requirements

  1. Associate’s Degree or Higher
  2. Admission to Darton State College
  3. Meet the pre-requisites of Chemistry, Algebra, and Biology with a grade of “C” or higher
  4. Completed program application

Students who are accepted into the program must earn a minimum grade of “C” in each professional Histology course.

Additional requirements

Students are required to have a physical exam completed by a licensed medical professional. The exam is based on satisfactorily completing or demonstrating the following skills:

Visual acuity (with or without corrective lenses) to observe and perform technical procedures; to identify and differentiate specimens, reagents and equipment; to read laboratory manuals, procedures, policies, specimen labels and materials pertinent to professional practice.

Physical ability to manipulate laboratory instruments and equipment in a manner consistent with operational procedures.

Manual dexterity to operate laboratory equipment and use tools in a manner consistent with operational guidelines.

Clinical assignments

Students who successfully complete the Fall semester will participate in a graded clinical practicum in the Spring. This is a voluntary assignment and each student will be assigned a spot at one of the programs clinical affiliates. The student should be prepared to travel to the clinical training facility.

Histotechnology Certificate

Fall semester
MLTS 1300 Introduction to Histology (2,3,3)
MLTS 1310 Histology I (3,3,4)
MLTS 1320 Histology II (2,3,3)
MLTS 1330 Histology III (0,3,1)
Spring semester
MLTS 1340 Histology IV Clinical rotation (0,30,5)
MLTS 1350 Histology V (2,0,2)
MLTS 1360 Histology VI (1,0,1)

The certificate and associate degree programs in Histotechnology at Darton College are accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).

National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences
5600 N. River Road
Suite 720
Rosemont, IL 60018
Telephone: 773.714.8880

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