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Health Information Technology Medical Billing/Coding Certificate

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Medical BillingMedical coders review patient medical (health) records and assign numeric codes for each diagnosis and procedure. To perform this task, they must possess expertise in the International Classification of Diseases and Current Procedural Terminology Coding Systems. This certification program is designed to prepare the student for an entry-level position as a medical coder, and eligibility to take the national credentialing exam for CCA (certified coding associate).

The student must complete any reading and English learning support area requirements and be admitted to the coding program before taking any HITE courses. A GPA of 2.5 is required to enter this certificate program, and the student must achieve a grade of “C” or better in all HITE classes.

This certificate program begins once a year in the fall semester.  Applications are accepted between January and May for consideration.

Completion of all required Learning Support courses as identified by the college admission process.
BIOL 1100K Human Anatomy & Physiology for the Healthcare Professional*
(within past 5 years)
4 credit hours
ALHE 1120 Medical Terminology 1 credit hour
CISM 2201 Fundamentals of Computer Applications 3 credit hours


Fall Semester
HITE 2100 Health Record Content and Structure 3 credit hours
HITE 2400 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 3 credit hours


Spring Semester
HITE 2150 Coding I 3 credit hours


Summer Semester
HITE 2160 Coding II 2 credit hours


Fall Semester
HITE 2170 Advanced Coding and Reimbursement 3 credit hours

*A combination of BIOL 2111K and BIOL 2112K (A&P I and II) may be substituted if taken within the past 5 years.

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