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Cancer Registry Management


Admission Requirements:

Additionally, to satisfactorily complete the curriculum and develop the skills required for registry work, the student must demonstrate:

Courses of Study

The Cancer Registry Management Program curriculum is designed to meet the standards of the University System of Georgia and the National Cancer Registrars Association.

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
BIOL 1100K* A&P for Healthcare Professionals 4
ALHE 1120 Medical Terminology 1
BIOL 1107 K Principles of Biology I 4
First Year—First Semester
ENGL 1101 English Composition I 3
MATH 1111** College Algebra 3
HITE 2423 Disease Management 3
HITE 2100 Health Record Content and Structure 3
HITE 2721 Introduction to ICD for Registry Management 3
First Year –Second Semester
ENGL 1102 English Composition II 3
POLS 1101 American Government 3
CISM 2201 Fundamentals of Computer Applications 3
HITE 2738 Oncology Coding and Staging 4
First Year – Summer Semester
HITE 2717 Cancer Registry Organization 3
HITE 2724 Cancer Registry Operations 3
Second Year – First Semester
HITE 2745 Abstracting Principles I 3
HITE 2752 Cancer Statistics and Epidemiology 2
HITE 2731 Patient Follow-up 2
HIST 2111**** US History Through 1877 3
COMM 1100*** Public Speaking 3
Second Year – Second Semester
COPR 2235 Database Management 3
HITE 2746 Abstracting Principles II 3
HITE 2759 Clinical Practicum 5
Total Credits   67

*a combination of A&P I and II may be substituted
**a higher level Math may be substituted
***Oral communications requirement may be met by completion of other communication courses
****US History After 1877 may be substituted

In-field experiences (HITE 2759 Clinical Practicum) will be conducted according to the standards outlined in section 3.3 of the FEPRC standards (see appendix B). Existing Memorandums of Understanding between Darton College’s Allied Health programs and participating healthcare organizations will be utilized and when new facilities agree to take students, new Memorandums will be issued according to Darton College procedures. Field assignments for students will be made to coincide with classroom course content when possible and will cover all eight required educational components. While at the clinical sites, the students will be supervised by either the Program Director or a faculty member assigned to the clinical site and the organization’s own appointed site supervisor.

Responsible Department: Health Sciences - Cancer Registry Management
Program Contact: Abbie Johnson
Content Contact: Anthony Williams (web representative)
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