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Routes to graduation from the Darton College Histotechnology program include both certificate and associate degree options. Both routes provide students with academic and practical training for job entry skills as a histotechnician (HT).

Graduates of the AAS and Certificate programs are eligible to sit for the National Registry Exam administered by the Board of Registry (BOR) through the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

Program of Study

Students enrolled in the certificate program take the courses listed under the last two semesters of the Histologic Technology Degree Program of Study. The certificate program starts every fall semester.  Graduates of both options are eligible to take the national Histology Technician exam.

Histology Curriculum

Fall Semester - Year 1
BIOL 1100K A&P for Healthcare Professionals 4
CHEM 1211K Principles of Chemistry I 4
ENGL 1101 English Composition I 3
HIST 2111 or
HIST 2112
U.S. History through 1877 or
U.S. History after 1877
MATH 1111 College Algebra 3
Area E Social Science Elective 3
Total Hours 19
Spring Semester - Year 1
COMM 1100 or
COMM 2105
Public Speaking or
Intro. to Interpersonal Communication
CHEM 1212K Principles of Chemistry II 4
ENGL 1102 English Composition II 3
BIOL 1115 Essentials of Microbiology 4
Area C Electives Humanities/Fine Arts 3
PHED Elective 1
Total Hours 18
Fall Semester - Year 2
MLTS 1300 Intro. to Histology 3
MLTS 1310 Histology I 4
MLTS 1320 Histology II 3
MLTS 1330 Histology III 1
POLS 1101 American Government 3
PHED Elective 1
Total Hours 15
Spring Semester - Year 2
MLTS 1340 Histology IV 5
MLTS 1350 Histology V 2
MLTS 1360 Histology VI 1
Total Hours 8
Total Credit Hours 61

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