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Histologic Technician

Frequently Asked Questions

The field of histotechnology is a hidden gem. Most people aren’t aware of the important role that histotechs play in the medical field. Ultimately, histotechnicians provide the support, expertise, knowledge and skills to prepare a tissue sample for microscopic diagnosis. And since a majority of disease is confirmed by tissue analysis, you as a certified laboratory professional will be instrumental in the lives of thousands of individuals over your career.

The questions below have been designed to inform you about the unique opportunities that wait for a licensed histotechnician.

What kind of positions can Histotechnicians attain?
A majority of HT professionals hold bench tech positions at a number of different employers. Advancement in the field though can eventually lead a histotechnician to a role of department supervisor/manager. An individual who wishes to advance their education to the level of a bachelor’s degree also has the ability to sit for the Histotechnologist (HTL) certification. As the field continues to expand with the onset of more specialized tests, Histotechs will continue to see an expansion of roles in the field.
Where do HTs work?
Many of the job opportunities for histotechnicians come from hospitals and other clinical and independent laboratories. However, any technician interested in forensics, crime and/or coroner work, pharmaceutical and university research and biotechnology can find unique and rewarding careers within employers that specialize in these areas.
What are the prospects for employment nationwide?
A survey is conducted annually by the American Society for Clinical Pathology to gauge the vacancy rate for medical laboratory professionals. Nationally, the vacancy rate stands at about 10% and continues to climb as the standards for the profession are raised and the number of graduates from accredited programs remains fairly fixed.

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