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Polysomnographic Technology

Sleep in Action

Are you a caring person who likes to help people? Do you like to work with high tech equipment? Do you enjoy a job where every day you will have different challenges and opportunities? Would you like a job where there are opportunities for specialization or advancement to management or education? If you answered yes to these questions then Polysomnographic Technology may be the career for you.

Polysomnographic Technicians and Technologists are the health care professionals who assist in the diagnosis and treatment of people with sleeping disorders. Sleep is not merely a “time out” from our busy routines; it is essential for good health, mental and emotional functioning and safety. Unfortunately many people either already have or will develop sleeping disorders in the years ahead.

Photo courtesy of Grass Technologies, an Astro-Med, Inc. Product GroupUnder the direction of physicians Polysomnographic Technicians and Technologists assist in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with varied sleep disorders. Polysomnographic Technicians and Technologists are responsible for proper hook-up and monitoring of patients through the night, staging the patients sleep and breathing, noting movements, etc. Polysomnographic Technologists are employed in hospitals, medical centers, private clinics, home care companies, educational institutions and more. This is a rapidly expanding field that will continue to grow and become more established in the community. Polysomnographic Technicians and Technologists are needed throughout the state and country, even internationally.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Grass Technologies, an Astro-Med, Inc. Product Group

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