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Radiologic Science

Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the Radiologic Science Program at Darton State College is to graduate competent, capable and adaptable entry-level radiologic technologists who possess appropriate levels of skill, professionalism, and compassion with a commitment to the highest quality patient care.

Program Goals with Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
GOAL 1: Students will demonstrate professionalism.
SLO: Students will demonstrate professional behavior in the
         clinical setting.
SLO: Students will explain the importance of continued education.
GOAL 2: Students will demonstrate proper communication skills.
SLO: Students will demonstrate written communication skills.
SLO: Students will demonstrate oral communication skills.
GOAL 3: Students will demonstrate critical thinking capabilities.
SLO: Students will adjust procedures for non-routine exams.
SLO: Students will accurately critique images for diagnostic quality.
GOAL 4: Students will demonstrate competence in the clinical setting.
SLO: Students will demonstrate knowledge of positioning skills.
SLO: Students will use appropriate technical factors.
SLO: Students will practice radiation protection.
Program Effectiveness Measures
  1. Graduates will pass the ARRT exam on the first attempt within six months of graduation.
  2. Students will complete the program.
  3. Graduates will find employment within 12 months of graduation.
  4. Graduates will express satisfaction with the program.
  5. Employers will express satisfaction with the program.

**Program effectiveness measures and program performance can be found under the Student Link navigation tool on JRCERT’s web page: The Radiologic Science program sponsored by Darton State College is currently accredited by JRCERT. For more information regarding accreditation or JRCERT, please visit the “Accreditation” page.

Darton State College’s Radiologic Science Program Effectiveness Data:

The radiography program at Darton State is still new. The first cohort of students began in January of 2013 and is due to complete the program in December 2014. For calendar year 2013, the only program effectiveness data available to report is the number of enrolled students. Seven (7) students were enrolled in the Radiologic Science program at Darton State College. As time progresses and more program effectiveness data is gathered over time, more updated information will be provided to the public.

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