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Radiologic Science

Pregnancy Policy

For the complete and detailed program pregnancy policy, please refer to the program handbook. Any student that is pregnant or becomes pregnant while in the Radiologic Science program should consider the following:

  1. Exposure to communicable diseases. As a student, one may be exposed to a variety of communicable diseases such as rubella and the Hepatitis C virus which are a serious danger to the developing fetus. It is the pregnant student’s responsibility to avoid those patients that may put them at risk.
  2. Students are at risk to radiation exposure while performing radiographic exams. Pregnant students must protect themselves and the unborn child(ren) by using radiation protection practices and avoid as much radiation as possible until after the first trimester.
  3. If the student’s medical condition limits her ability to continue in the program, she may choose to take a leave of absence and continue with the following cohort of RADS students, if a position is available, beginning with the withdrawn course(s). Excessive absences over the specified allowed amount (excused or unexcused) may cause the student to be dropped from that/those course(s).
  4. If a student discovers she is pregnant, disclosure of the pregnancy to program faculty is voluntary. If she chooses to disclose the pregnancy, a Pregnancy Disclosure Form will need to be completed and submitted to the program director. A Withdrawal of Disclosure Form is also available to be completed if the student needs to withdraw the disclosure.

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