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Logistics & Supply Chain Management

This certificate is designed to provide basic knowledge to those students interested in managing the global supply chain.

What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management is getting the right things to the right places at the right times for maximum profit.

What are the components of the supply chain?

The supply chain has four basic components:

The efficiency and effectiveness of a supply chain is contingent on a firm's ability to gather and analyze important information through these components. Better supply chain models help not only manufacturers of goods, but also service businesses.

What else should I know about supply chain management?

Supply chain management is an interdisciplinary field that emphasizes cross-functional links and seeks to manage those links to enhance a company’s competitive advantage. It involves forecasting, resource allocation, production planning, flow and process management, inventory management, customer delivery, after-sales support and service, and a host of other activities and processes.

An increasing number of companies rely on supply chain management as a key competitive weapon. An understanding of supply chain management is also an asset to any manager concerned about adding value to the business. With increased globalization and offshore outsourcing, supply chain management is becoming an important issue for many businesses.

Is the supply chain management program for me?

Yes, the supply chain management program is for you if you like change, enjoy problem solving, are interested in information technology, and possess strong analytical and people skills.

What courses does Darton provide in this certificate program?

Where can I see a proposed course schedule?

View a proposed class schedule here.

For more information:

Jim Yates
Phone: 229-317-6526
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Position: Assistant Professor of Economics, Full Time Faculty
Department/Division: Business and Social Science Division
Building I, Office 130

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