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Course Descriptions

ART 1010 Drawing
This course introduces the techniques, materials, and principles of drawing. The course is composed of several projects/exercises that will emphasize the analysis and rendering of line, form, value, texture, color, and perspective. During the course, students will apply their understanding of drawing style, technique, media, and methods of drawing.

ART 1020 Design I
This course involves the fundamentals of two-dimensional design introduced through projects in a variety of media. The course is composed of several projects that will emphasize the visual and intellectual aspects of form, visual awareness, analytical thinking, craftsmanship, use of the media and techniques, and the application of design principles.

ART 1030 Design II
The course is an investigation of three-dimensional forms and space using various materials and methods. In this course, students will demonstrate their ability to invent imaginative and conceptually complex sculptures in response to a series of studio problems using hand-building and simple materials.

ART 1100 Art Appreciation
Development of the awareness and the understanding of the visual arts through studio and classroom experiences, gallery visits, and lectures.

ART 1150 Art Practicum
A studio course designed for the student who has advanced beyond the basic art structure courses and wishes to explore various media in order to develop skills, techniques, and a higher level of expertise.

ART 2111 Basic Photography
Instruction in fundamentals of black & white still photography: camera technique, exposure determination methods, film processing. Special assignments in visual perception, editing, and theme photography.

ART 2120 Painting
Acrylic Painting. An introduction of the fundamentals of painting related to subject matter, content, composition, and color. Preparation of support and grounds, and use of basic painting tools, techniques, and materials will be stressed.

ART 2130 Watercolor
Fundamentals of water techniques, drawing, principles of composition, and color theory. Landscape, still life, figure, and materials will be stressed.

ART 2140 Ceramics I
This studio course involves the development of personal expression using the ceramic process. The course will examine the many processes of ceramics production such as hand forming, throwing on the wheel, glaze application, and firing.

ART 2150 Computer Art
In this introductory lab course, students explore the computer and digital technologies as tools to produce personal and creative work in preparation for careers in commercial and fine art. Students are introduced to the digital imaging power of Adobe Photoshop, and commonly used page layout and graphic design software programs.

ART 2160 Visual Design
This is an introductory course in solving visual design problems. The course is an exploration of the basic principles of graphic design production as they apply to the commonly produced products in the graphic design field (logos, advertisements, brochures, newsletters, etc.), typography, print production techniques and considerations, and the basic elements of web page design.

ART 2170 Web Page Design
The course is an introductory course in designing websites for the Internet. This course is an exploration of the basic principles of designing, creating, and maintaining websites. The course introduces the fundamentals of designing web pages using HTML code and commonly used web page layout programs.

ART 2180 Digital Photography
In this course, students will create digital photographic images by combining fundamental photographic skills with digital camera technology and computer print technology. Emphasis will be placed on camera operation, techniques, and esthetics. Students will explore a range of both fine art and commercial photographic applications.

ART 2190 Photographic Lighting Principles & Techniques
This is an introductory course in basic studio and location lighting principles and techniques. The course is an exploration of the creation and use of lighting arrangements, as they apply to all specialties of commercial and fine art photography.

The course is composed of demonstrations and projects that will explore the principles of artificial, natural and combination lighting. During the course, the students will demonstrate their understanding of basic lighting techniques through individual projects.

ART 2200 Professional Practices, Portfolio Preparation & Review
This is a course designed to prepare the student for entry into the business of commercial and fine art. The skills learned are applicable to any specialty in the field of commercial and fine art.

The course is composed of lectures concerning the business of commercial and fine art, visiting lecturers who are specialists in their field, field trips to a variety of art establishments, research into the requirements and expectations of potential employers, clients, galleries and museums and directed preparation of each student’s professional portfolio.

ART 2280 Art History I
This lecture course explores the history of the visual arts from prehistoric period through Northern Renaissance. Topics include a study of the visual arts, painting, sculpture, architecture, and related arts, against the background of cultural, political, and economic development.

ART 2285 Art History II
This lecture course explores the history of the visual arts from the Baroque Period through the twentieth century with major focus on epochs of Western art history. Topics include architecture, sculpture, and design.

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