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Art Department

Elizabeth Perkins, Dean
Building F, Room 101D
Phone: (229) 317-6554
Fax: (229) 317-6650

Visual Communication
Certificate Program

The Visual Communication Certificate Program has been created to provide a working knowledge of the basics of the Visual Communication field and to use that knowledge to immediately enter the workforce. The visual Communication Certificate requires a completion of 18 hours of study (six courses of 3 hours each). Four of these six courses are in the Art Degree Program. This program introduces basic, introductory level skills in these areas: photography, digital photography, two-dimensional design, computer arts, photographic lighting techniques, and portfolio review.

Fall Semester Sem. Hrs.
ART 1020 Design I 3
ART 2150 Computer Art 3
ART 2180 Digital Photography 3
Spring Semester Sem. Hrs.
ART 2190 Photographic Lighting Techniques 3
ART 2200 Professional Practices, Portfolio Preparation and Review 3
ART 2900 Art Practicum 3
  One Year Total 18

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