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Foreign Languages

Elizabeth Perkins, Dean
Building F, Room 101D
Phone: (229) 317-6554
Fax: (229) 317-6650

Genevieve Watson
Foreign Language Program
Phone: (229) 317-6786
Fax: (229) 317-6650

The Darton State College Foreign Language Program has a lot to offer you no matter what your major may be. If you choose a foreign language major, we can offer you a solid foundation for more advanced courses, and we can provide you with sound career counseling. If you prefer another major, proficiency in a foreign language has proven to be a valuable asset when combined with other skills. It can carry you to the top of the list when you apply for a job, and it can result in a better salary.

As American businesses move into the global marketplace and telecommunications break down barriers between countries, the need is greater than ever for people who can move between cultures with ease. Read on, and find out how we can get you moving in the right direction!

La Fiesta Brava:  Two Darton Foreign Language majors at a bull fight in Madrid.
La Fiesta Brava: Two Darton Foreign
Language majors at a bull fight in Madrid.

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