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Foreign Language Lab

Hours of operation may vary from semester to semester.
Please contact the lab for current hours of operation.
Building G (0007)
Room 225
(229) 317-6913

Mission statement:

In support of the mission statement of Darton State College, and within the context of the mission of the Humanities Division, the Darton State College Foreign Language Lab shares a commitment to support foreign language faculty and students by providing resources to enhance the classroom experience. The Foreign Language Lab assists in identifying and making available appropriate technology, personnel, and materials to enable students to work in a supportive, self-paced environment with access to tutoring and authentic language activities.

Support is provided in a number of ways. Students can receive one-on-one tutoring from the Foreign Language Lab Director or from one of the student assistants. In addition to individualized assistance, different technologies are available. Students have the choice of working with a number of different resources: they may do interactive tutorial activities by computer with different software packages, access web support materials for their courses in GeorgiaVIEW, do internet research and activities related to the cultures under study, view videos, and utilize the audio program corresponding to their textbook. They may also read foreign language magazines and newspapers.

The Foreign Language Lab also works closely with the Foreign Language faculty. The lab provides periodic reports on students' progress, monitors and records students’ activities from weekly lab assignments, offers instruction in the use of computers and software, orders materials for both lab and classroom use, and provides instructors with an opportunity to preview software and other materials for purchase.

email Director Shigeru Tanaka at

Elizabeth Perkins, Dean
Building F, Room 101D
Phone: (229) 317-6554
Fax: (229) 317-6650

Responsible Department: Humanities - Foreign Languages
Program Contact: Genevieve Breedon
Content Contact: Alan Zhang (web representative)
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