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Many students have wished to know what textbooks are required in a course before they start it. Others have had questions about a course's policies and requirements. Information on all these and other important matters is contained in a document called the Comprehensive Course Guide. Prior to Spring 2007, all the Course Data Sheets were handed out by the instructors in the classrooms, or posted in GeorgiaVIEW in the online setting. Some students did not receive the guides due to absences or late registration, thus missing out on important information on a course. Others misplaced them and were unable to access the information they were seeking later into the semester.

These days are over. Now, students can access any Humanities Division course guide 24/7 at this site. It is a requirement that all students taking a Humanities Division course read the corresponding comprehensive course guide before starting the course. We hope posting the Course Data Sheets online will facilitate the students. Of course, the students are ultimately responsible for reading the guides and reporting to their instructors on their completion of the requirement. Because a course guide lists all the alternative textbooks an instructor may choose for his or her class, the students should be sure to check with their individual instructors which text(s) to buy.

The online Course Data Sheets are expected to benefit not only students enrolled in a Humanities course but also potential students as well. Now anyone who wishes to learn more about a Humanities course before taking it may have the same access to such information as a student in that course.

To locate a course guide, click on the abbreviated course name (e.g., ART, ENGL, COMM, etc.) in the category list above. Find the course with the right course number (e.g., ART 2120, ENGL 1101, COMM 1000, etc.) and click on it to bring up the course guide.

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