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Shawna Warner

Shawna WarnerShawna Warner is a native of Minnesota, but has been living and teaching public speaking in Dalian, China, since 2008 while also enjoying her connection to online students back in the States here at Darton as she teaches various Communication courses. Shawna received her BA and MA in Communication from Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. Realizing her passion for teaching, she also obtained a Certificate in Post-Secondary Teaching during her time at Bethel. As an undergrad, she excelled at the regional and national levels, competing in speech and debate only to end up coaching during her years in graduate school.

Graduate school instilled a love of cross-cultural communication, which was a focal point of her thesis work. This in turn instilled a desire for her to live abroad, which ended up in the move to China. The cross-cultural experience has been a valuable part of her teaching, especially courses like Cultural Diversity. She's planning to start a PhD in Intercultural Studies in a few years.

On a personal note, she and her family love spending time with their cats, reading, and drinking tea, among other various hobbies. She's lucky to be married to man who is in graduate school also for Communication as their joint research interests intersect.

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