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Aida E. Sapp

 "Buenos Días chicos, cómo están!!!!!” is how Ms. Aida Villalta-Sapp greets her students. Ms. Aida Villalta-Sapp is an Instructor of Spanish here at Darton State College.

Ms. Villalta-Sapp is originally from San Jose, Costa Rica. She obtained her B.S. degree in Spanish at Albany State University and her Masters in Hispanic Studies from Auburn University. During her undergraduate years, she studied in Costa Rica and Mexico through a study abroad program that her colleges sponsored. After raising her children and taking several years off from teaching, she decided to go back to school and finish her graduate studies at Auburn University.

Her decision to study and teach Spanish came about while teaching English as a Second Language. Her choice to teach Spanish was influenced by the Hispanic children she taught in her seven-year career as an elementary school teacher. She feels that without seeing their struggles she would have never gone back and finished her studies.

She has always believed that people can achieve their dreams regardless of the obstacles they encounter. Her husband and grown children gave her the encouragement that she needed to continue her studies even after she had to leave everyone behind and move away for two years in order to finish her education.

While working on her Masters, she taught Spanish at the elementary and intermediate levels. After graduating she taught middle school Spanish for a year and these events led her to Darton State College in May of 2012.

There is no question that she loves what she does. As a professor at Darton State College, she hopes she will have the opportunity to influence her students the way she was influenced so that they, too, can be successful in a career that they enjoy.

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