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Shigeru Tanaka

Shigeru Tanaka came to the United States for college. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Japanese Pedagogy from the University of Iowa, he came to Darton College to serve as a Foreign Language Lab director and Japanese instructor. He had no intention of staying in the U.S. for this length of time, but he enjoys living in the U.S. He tells students who study abroad that they should plan to eventually return home, and if they don’t, their family members back home may become unhappy. To compensate his family and friends back in Japan, he tries to visit them whenever he can. His move to the South to serve the students of Darton College has been quite a learning experience for him. He loves his job, especially since one of his hobbies is teaching Japanese. When he is off-work, he enjoys playing and watching sports, talking to the people of Albany, and reading about and communicating with the rest of the world via the Internet.

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