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Genevieve Watson

 "Saludos! Me llamo Genevieve Watson," she salutes her students. Ms. Genevieve Watson is the Foreign Languages Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Spanish here at Darton State College.

Hailing from Michigan, she obtained her B.S. in Spanish, English, and Psychology with a Secondary Education degree, at Western Michigan University. During her undergraduate years, she studied in Mexico for 6 months through a study abroad program that her college sponsored. After the first 6 months, she decided to take a break from school and to live in Mexico. After one year of some real world experiences and near-perfect Spanish, she returned to the States to finish her B.S.

After graduating, she taught middle school for a year and then had her first child. While being a stay-at-home-mom, she taught Spanish part-time at Kellogg Community College and Conversational Spanish for Community Education. She stayed in touch with her college professors who urged her to continue her studies in Spanish and to get a Master’s degree.

The next two years she studied Spanish linguistics and literature as one of the few native English speakers in her classes. Most of her classmates were from Latin America or Spain, which made her feel intimidated and awkward, but sure helped to refresh her speaking abilities! It wasn’t long before she was speaking fluently again amidst several Spanish dialects in the Modern Languages Department.

All of these events led her to Darton State College in August of 2007. When people meet her, they say, "Why Spanish?" She replies that her choice to teach Spanish was influenced by her dad, her high school Spanish teacher, and several of her college professors. She feels that without them she would not be where she is today.

She recalls that her dad always told her that she could be whatever she wanted to be and to pursue a career that she would love daily, not because of how much it paid. Her high school Spanish teacher taught her that just because she didn’t get As in Spanish didn’t mean that she couldn’t pursue it for the enjoyment of it. Her college professors made the impossible, possible; they got her a scholarship to do study abroad when she told them she didn’t have enough money to go. When she thought that she was all done with college after her Bachelor’s, they kept encouraging her to continue her studies.

She loves what she does. As a professor at Darton State College, she hopes she will have the opportunity to influence her students the way she was influenced so that they, too, can be successful in a career that they enjoy.

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