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Dr. Naida E. Saavedra

 Naida Saavedra is a published writer of fiction, whose creative works focus on the interaction of characters in chaotic urban environments. Her first book Vos no viste que no lloré por vos (You Did Not Notice I Did Not Cry for You) won a National Award given by Venezuelan Editorial El perro y la rana in 2009. Her short story “Vestier” won the 2010 Victoria Urbano de Narrativa given by the Asociación Internacional de Literatura Femenina Hispánica. Naida has also published several short stories in anthologies and literary magazines. 2013 was a good year for her creative production as three of her books were published: Hábitat (Amazon Kindle), a series of interconnected micro stories; Última inocencia (Sub-urbano Ediciones), a story whose plot brings media, power, and paranoia together; and En esta tierra maldita (Amazon Kindle), which explores the complexity of the beauty pageant world, focusing specially on Miss Venezuela.

Naida is also very active in the fields of literary criticism and cultural studies. She writes articles for cultural magazines periodically and is interested in the use of social media within literature and the arts, immigration issues reflected in works of fiction, non-traditional poetry, individual and national identity identification, and the role of postmodernity among contemporary artists. In addition, she is exploring the world of editing as she became the Editor in Chief of Umbral, the literary magazine of the Sociedad de Autores Independientes, of which she is a founding member. Her research interests include contemporary literature from Venezuela, the Caribbean, the Southern Cone, and the Latino diaspora in the US. Naida is also a translator, having published Los napo runa de la amazonía ecuatoriana (Ediciones Abya-Yala), written originally in English by anthropologist Michael Uzendoski. Please visit her website to learn more about her work: http://www.naidasaavedra.com.

Teaching the Spanish language and Hispanic literature and culture is Naida’s passion. Her love for the language started in middle school when she was in her native Venezuela. However, it was not until she moved to the United States to pursue a Master’s degree that she decided to finally follow her dream of becoming a professor of Spanish language and literature. After completing her Master’s, she became a Spanish teacher for two years in a preparatory school, a job that she loved. However, she decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Spanish in order to be able to offer more to her students. She studied hard and enjoyed her life as a graduate student. At FSU, she won the Outstanding Spanish Graduate Student Award twice (2008 and 2011). She was also the recipient of the 2009-2010 Faculty Appreciation Award given by the FSU Hispanic/Latino Student Union because of her student mentoring. Naida could not imagine a life with no teaching. She enjoys being in the classroom, sharing experiences with her students, and, more importantly, she feels fulfilled when she witnesses her students’ progress and success. Before joining Darton State College, she was an Adjunct Spanish Professor at Florida State University, where she taught basic, intermediate, and advanced Spanish courses for majors and non-majors. Naida is very happy to be a part of the Darton family and looks forward to seeing her students grow, succeed, and love Spanish!

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