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Madison Brown "Matt"

Matt Brown teaches English composition and literature after just having finished his Master's degree in English in July 2009 at Valdosta State University. His favorite authors are Edmund Spenser and Virgil, and these two authors were the subject of his Master's thesis which explored the Virgilian elements present in Spenser's work. In addition, he enjoys linguistics and studying foreign languages such as Latin, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Before becoming an English teacher, Matt had earned a BBA in Finance from the University of Georgia and then worked in the banking industry as a loan officer and loan auditor from 1994 to 2006. Eventually, he decided to return to academia and complete the necessary courses to achieve both a BA and an MA in English. He enrolled at VSU in Fall 2006, finished the BA by the next year, and then began the graduate courses in 2008. While at Valdosta, he received the accolade of "Best Undergraduate Research Paper" for his Tolkien paper in VSU's undergraduate colloquium. He was also able to work in the Student Success center and tutor English and Latin. "It was during that experience that I saw that I really enjoyed working with students and their writing."

Matt also participated in the National Writing Project's VSU chapter, the Blackwater Writing Project, which helped to prepare him for teaching composition. In addition, he has presented scholarly papers at several conferences in the southeastern U.S and is an editor of Darton's art magazine, New Clay. As hobbies and pastimes, he enjoys reading, motor racing, traveling when he can afford it, watching Star Wars, and doing laundry.

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