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Tina Burney

Ms. Tina Burney was born in Kerrville, the famed Texas Hill Country, and raised in Texas. After living in Colorado for 16 years and raising her family there she today calls Colorado her home. Graduating in the top 10% of her high school class, she became the first of her family to attend college by benefit of a US Presidential Scholarship. She began her collegiate career at Angelo State University, a Texas Tech University satellite campus and then transferred to Texas Tech University. She took leave from Texas Tech University prior to receiving her bachelor's degree to serve in the US Navy, wherein she served until just after Desert Storm.

She then returned to college to complete her undergraduate degree at Tarleton State University, a satellite campus of Texas A&M University. She ultimately graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication with dual minors in English and Geology in 1992.

After graduation, her first job was a Managing Editor of the county newspaper called The Bosque County News just outside Waco, Texas. Working and raising her son in the small towns of Texas solidified her ideals about small town living and provided her with the foundation to reach for her many goals, one of which was to see the world. She has seen a large portion of the US from coast to coast, parts of Canada, and Northern Mexico. She has plans to see more of the world in the years to come.

During her time at The Bosque County News, she was witness to history on several occasions and in the thick of history at times as when the ATF and other authorities confronted the Branch Davidians of Waco, Texas, when charges of child abuse, polygamy, and illegal weapons possession were substantiated in part by a UPS driver, wherein ultimately the compound was laid siege to by authorities and destroyed by the Davidians themselves.

In 1992, she relocated to Colorado. During the next 16 years she would hold management positions from Director to Vice-President with a Fortune 500 company and Student Housing Director for Colorado State University in Pueblo. She concurrently completed the MBA program at Colorado State University at Pueblo in 2004, after which she taught as an adjunct instructor at Pueblo Community College while continuing to work full-time. She entered the Master of Arts program at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and left corporate management to pursue a Master of Arts in Communication while teaching as a full-time adjunct and working two part-time jobs, a Barnes and Nobles bookseller and for the local newspaper. She completed her MA in Communications at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, in 2009.

During her career in business and teaching, she has worked with non-profit organizations such as Routt County Partners, Colorado, working with at-risk youth, through and with various community and campus organizations to aid the homeless, youth, and recent graduates preparing to enter the business world. Her teaching experience covers the areas of Business Communication, Business Etiquette Training, Professional Presentation Skills, Technical Writing/Communication, English as a Second Language, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Small Group Communication Debate, and Cultural Diversity.

She has authored a book slated for publication in 2013, detailing the true-life account of a liver transplant recipient now living in Colorado. In 2012 she was a contributing author of the published book, Current Cases in Environmental Policy, and she is currently working on another for publication in early 2014.

In the fall of 2009, she arrived at Darton College to teach in the Humanities Division within the Communication Department. She is the Advisor for Sigma Chi Eta, Communication Honor Society, Constitution Day Coordinator, and Chair of the Who’s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges Committee. She is a member of the American Legion, Post 30 Albany and Co-Chair of the American Legion Constitution Oratory Scholarship Contest. Finally, she is currently enrolled at Valdosta State University, where she plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Public Administration with a Communication emphasis.

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