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Elizabeth Perkins, Dean

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Photo of: Bummi Anderson
Contact Information

(2015) Instructor

Photo of: Larry Anderson
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Larry Anderson

(2005) Associate Professor of Journalism
Journalism Program Coordinator
M.A., Georgia Southern University
B.A., Georgia Southern University

Photo of: Dr. Jamie Barker
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Dr. Jamie D. Barker

(2011) Assistant Professor of English
Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
M.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
B.A., Otterbein College

Photo of: Abigail Bellard
Contact Information
Abigail W. Bellard

(2014) Assistant Professor of Art
M.F.A., The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
B.A., Columbia College, Chicago

Photo of: Dr. Marc Boensel
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Dr. Marc F. Boensel

(2012) Assistant Professor of Music
D.M.A., University of Maryland
M.M., San Diego State University
B.M., California State University Fullerton

Photo of: Matt Brown
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Madison Brown “Matt”

(2009) Assistant Professor of English
M.A., Valdosta State University
B.A., Valdosta State University
B.B.A., University of Georgia

Photo of: Tina Burney
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Tina Burney

(2009) Assistant Professor of Communications
M.A., University of Colorado @ CS
M.B.A., Colorado State University @ PU
B.S., Tartleton State University

Photo of: Victoria Butler
Contact Information
Victoria Butler

(2009) Chair of Humanities
Associate Professor of Communication
J.D., Emory University
M.A., University of Southern Mississippi
B.A., University of Southern Mississippi

Photo of: George Carter
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George Carter

(2005) Associate Professor of Art Online
M.F.A., Florida State University
B.S., Florida A & M University

Photo of: Shani Clark
Contact Information
Shani Clark

(2006) Assistant Professor of Communication
Communications Program Coordinator
Honors Program Coordinator
M.A., Western Michigan University
B.A., Grand Valley St. University

Photo of: Christina Cooper
Contact Information

(2013) Senior Administrative Assistant
A.S., Darton State College

Photo of: Dr. Liz Delancy
Contact Information
Dr. Elizabeth Delancy “Liz”

(2012) Assistant Professor of Dance
Dance Coordinator
Ph.D., Florida State University
M.F.A., Florida State University
B.A., Hampton University

Photo of: Amy Foster
Contact Information
Amy J. Foster

(2011) Director Institutional Effectiveness
Assistant Professor of English
QEP Coordinator
M.A., Albany State University
B.S., Georgia SouthWestern State University

Photo of: Joy Handelman
Contact Information
Joy S. Handelman

(2012) Assistant Professor of English
J.D., University of Georgia
M.Ed., Georgia Southwestern State University
A.B., Brown University

Photo of: Dr. Claire Fox Hillard
Contact Information
Dr. Claire Fox Hillard

(2003) Instructor of Music
D.M.A., University of Iowa
M.A., University of Iowa
Performance Certificate Eisenstadt, Austria
B.A. Calvin College

Photo of: Dr. Jennifer Huang
Contact Information
Dr. Zheng Huang “Jennifer”

(2013) Assistant Professor of Music
D.M.A., State University of New York at Stony Brook
M.M., Mannes College of Music
B.A., Oberlin Conservatory of Music

Photo of: Dr. Ulf Kirchdorfer
Contact Information
Dr. Ulf Kirchdorfer

(1993) Professor of English
Ph.D., Texas Christian University
M.A., Ohio University
B.A., Trinity University

Photo of: Dr. Jeff Kluball
Contact Information
Dr. Jeffery L. Kluball “Jeff”

(2000) Chair of Fine Arts
Professor of Music
Ed.D., University of Sarasota
Ed.S., Troy State University
M.M.E., Vandercook College of Music
B.M.E., Valdosta State University

Photo of: Deborah Liss-Green
Contact Information
Deborah Liss-Green

(2008) Theatre Program Coordinator
Assistant Professor of Theatre
M.F.A., Brooklyn College
B.A., Queens College

Photo of: Michael Mallard
Contact Information
Michael C. Mallard

(2013) Associate Professor of Art
M.F.A., University of Illinois
B.F.A., University of Georgia

Photo of: Dr. Wayne Partridge
Contact Information
Dr. Ronald W. Partridge, Jr. “Wayne”

(2011) Associate Professor of English
Ed.D., Georgia Southern University
M.St., University of Oxford
M.Ed., Columbus State University
B.A., Auburn University

Photo of: Dr. Elizabeth Perkins
Contact Information
Dr. Elizabeth Perkins

(2006) Dean of the School of Humanities & Social Science
Associate Professor of English
Part Time Instructor of First Year Experience
Ed.D., Valdosta State University
M.A., B.A., University of Montevallo

Photo of: Steven Preston
Contact Information

(2003) Writing Center Director
ICRR Program Coordinator
Instructor of Learning Support English
B.S., Albany State University
A.A.S., A.S., Darton State College

Photo of: Elizabeth Sheffield-Hayes
Contact Information

(2015) Assistant Writing Center Director

Photo of: Laura Shirley
Contact Information

(2006) Assistant Writing Center Director
Online Writing Center Coordinator
Part-Time Instructor of First Year Experience
A.B., University of Georgia

Photo of: Shane Smith
Contact Information
Enoch Smith “Shane”

(2013) Assistant Professor of English
M.F.A., Chapman University
M.A., Georgia State University
B.A., University of Nevada – Las Vegas

Photo of: Shigeru Tanaka
Contact Information
Shigeru Tanaka

(2002) Director of Foreign Language Lab
Assistant Professor of Japanese
M.A., University of Iowa
B.A., University of Iowa

Photo of: Mackenzie Tatum
Contact Information

(2012) Transitional Studies & Academic Retention Coordinator
A.S., Darton State College

Photo of: Dr. Anita Underwood
Contact Information
Dr. Anita Underwood

(2006) Assistant Professor of English Online
Ed.D., Northcentral University
M.A., National University
M.Ed., Regent University
B.A., University of Maryland University College

Photo of: Genevieve Watson
Contact Information
Genevieve Watson

(2006) Assistant Professor of Spanish
Foreign Languages Coordinator
M.A., Western Michigan University
B.A., Western Michigan University

Photo of: Dr. Alan Zhang
Contact Information
Dr. Alan X. Zhang

(1993) Professor of English
Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
M.A., Shanghai International Studies University
B.A., East China Normal University

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