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Writing Center

Located in C-102

Fall/Spring Hours of operation
Monday-Thursday: 7:30 AM - 6 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM - 5 PM

Summer Hours of operation
Monday-Thursday: 7:30 AM - 6 PM
Friday: CLOSED

Phone #: 317-6983 or 6984
Director: Steve Preston
Asst. Director: Elizabeth Sheffield-Hayes

Now Available
New & Improved
Online Writing Center

Mission Statement

In support of the mission statement of Darton State College, and within the context of the mission of the Humanities Division, the Darton State College Student Success Writing Center is designed to help students develop the writing skills necessary to achieve success in college courses at Darton. Writing proficiently ensures success academically and in the workplace. The Writing Center staff is committed to providing constructive feedback throughout the writing process, utilizing an active learning approach that allows students to take complete responsibility for their success. The Writing Center will assist in all writing assignments for all academic disciplines, not just English writing courses.

What should I bring with me?

  1. A copy of the assignment as given by your instructor.
  2. A printed copy of your rough draft
  3. A list of any specific questions you would like to ask, such as:
        Is my thesis clear?
        Do I have enough supporting details?
        Do I have effective transitions from paragraph to paragraph?
        Do I have enough information to document my sources correctly?

What should I expect from the Writing Center Staff?

Please be aware that the Writing Center is not a drop-off editing service or a “fast food” stop for instant perfect papers. The staff at the Writing Center is here to assist you in focusing your writing, assist you with revisions, give constructive feedback, and tutor you in the proper ways of completing your writing assignment. You should allow ample time to work with the staff. Don’t come in 30 minutes before your finished paper is due to your teacher and expect to walk out with a perfect paper!

Writing Center Policies

  1. Writing Center consultation services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. No appointment is necessary.

  2. The Writing Center offers consultation and guidance at all stages of the writing process for writing projects across the curriculum. Please note that we do NOT write the paper for you, nor do we do what would be considered “proofreading”.

  3. Writing Center conferences to review writing assignments may last from just a few minutes up to a 30-minute maximum. After the conference, the student will be given a summary of areas discussed in the conference. The student should then make edits and revisions based on the suggestions made in the conference. The student may return for another conference after edits and revisions have been made.

  4. Students may have no more than two conferences per day.

  5. Drop-in visits to the Writing Center to ask a quick question or two are always welcome.

  6. The Writing Center computers may be used for writing assignments, research, and writing tutorial purposes ONLY. Free printing is available for copies of writing assignments ONLY.

  7. Students should NOT expect to come to the Center on the day a paper is due! Students should not wait until the last minute; often, several revisions must be made before a paper is ready for final submission.

Does this service cost anything?

The Writing Center is FREE! Come in and let us help you achieve your writing success today!

The Humanities department is responsible for the information on this page.
To inquire about the Writing Center, please contact Email: Steve Preston.
For questions regarding content, or for further information, please contact Email: George Carter.

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