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Teacher Education

What is it?

The mission of the Teacher Education program at Darton State College is to give the next generation of teachers the knowledge and skills that are essential for today’s learners.

Darton State College offers the two-year Associate of Science degree in Education, preparing prospective teachers to transfer to four-year institutions to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in education. A Bachelor of Science (four-year) degree is required before an individual is granted certification by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

Two-Year Transfer Degree Options:

  • Early Childhood (P-4)
  • Middle Grades (5-8)
  • Special Education

Teacher Education Programs

  • Early Childhood (0088)
  • Middle Grade (0089)
  • Special Education (0090)

What’s the outlook for teachers?

There will always be a need for K-12 teachers. Currently, some of the greater needs and more lucrative job opportunities for K-12 teachers are in math, science, and bilingual education. However, opportunities for teachers of all subjects are regularly available and usually dependent upon geography. For instance, there is a significant need for teachers in what the bureau of labor statistics refers to as “less desirable” urban and rural districts (Lorenzo, 2011).

Lorenzo, G. (2011). Job Outlook for Teachers. Retrieved November 14, 2011, from Lorenzo Associates, Inc.: http://edpath.com/GuidetoOL/job%20outlook%20teachers.html (link no longer available)

The current starting base salary for Georgia’s teachers is $33,424 for ten months (190 days) employment. However, many teachers receive annual supplements from the school districts that employ them.

Teachers, many at the high school and middle school levels, earn additional money through activities such as coaching and sponsoring clubs. Teachers who earn degrees beyond the Bachelor’s (four-year) degree earn automatic pay raises from the state. For example, a teacher that completes a Master’s degree receives an additional $5,014 annually.

What courses do I take?

Student Organization:

Image: Student Professional Association of Georgia Educators Logo

Darton State College teacher education majors are encouraged to join the Darton State College chapter of SPAGE (Student Professional Association of Georgia Educators). SPAGE provides opportunities for education majors to experience workshops, activities, and association with leaders in Georgia education.

GACE & Ethics Assessments:

Students interested in going into a Georgia, 4-year teacher education program when leaving Darton will be required to pass the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators Program Admission Assessment (GACE - PAA) and the Georgia Ethics Assessment Program Entry Training. You do not need to complete these assessments to graduate from Darton, but most colleges and universities will not accept you into their undergraduate education programs without these state-mandated tests. For additional resources, please check out the following sites. http://gace.ets.org/ (opens new window) and http://gace.ets.org/ethics/about/ (opens new window)

For more information:

Contact Cheryl Lucas at 229-317-6253 or email at cheryl.lucas@darton.edu.

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