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What is it?

“Not to know what happened before you were born is to remain always a child.” Marcus Tullius Cicero, (106 – 43 b.c.)

“History” has been defined as the memory of the entire human race. As such, the study of history can be one of the most relevant and rewarding experiences in any academic program. History majors, in particular, encounter a wide variety of people, places and events in their exploration of the past. Along with the cultural enrichment this affords, history majors also develop analytical and communication skills that are essential in a variety of professional settings. While careers in historical research and education usually require advanced degrees, history majors are also found in business, communications, economics, law, public administration and many other fields.

Darton State College offers courses leading to an Associate of Arts degree (A.A.) in History. This program also provides the introductory courses leading to Bachelor’s degree in History, or a related discipline, at many four-year institutions.

The following are links to the history departments at some of the four-year institutions where Darton State College students have recently transferred:

What can I do with it?

PDF Listing of Jobs

American Historical Association’s Careers for History Majors:

Job Guides:

Please note that many of these jobs require an advanced degree (M.A. or Ph.D.)

Historical Associations:

What Courses do I take?

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