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Homeland Security Certificate Program

Why Major in Homeland Security?

A career in homeland security provides the fulfilling opportunity of protecting our country from a variety of threats. Workers in homeland security must be prepared to prevent and react to threats as different as terrorism, hurricanes, and epidemics. This work is diverse and constantly changing with responsibilities crossing many disciplines. The goals, however, are always clear: to minimize our country’s vulnerabilities and to reduce the damage from disasters.

What Jobs Are Available?

Numerous jobs are available at the federal, state, and local government levels as well as in private industry. A sampling of such jobs includes:

  • Emergency medical technician
  • Paramedic
  • Firefighter
  • Police officer
  • Security specialist
  • Border patrol agent
  • Immigration enforcement agent
  • Intelligence operations specialist
  • IT specialist
  • Policy analyst
  • Transportation security screener

What Will You Learn?

The Homeland Security Management Certificate is designed for those students who have no experience in the field of homeland security and those who already have an entry-level job or experience and need to enhance their education to stay competitive. Topics covered include:

  • The structure of the Department of Homeland Security
  • The role of national intelligence
  • The coordination of federal, state, local, and volunteer agencies
  • The goals and methods of various terrorist groups
  • How to identify vulnerabilities and assess risks to minimize the impact of disasters
  • The threats to our transportation systems and the counter-measures available
  • The protection of our borders from illegal entry by land, sea, and air
  • The protection of our critical infrastructure assets

Program of Study

Course   Hrs.
Fall Semester
HSEC 2109 Introduction to Homeland Security 3
HSEC 2114 National Response Plan 3
Spring Semester
HSEC 2123 Terrorism and Homeland Security 3
HSEC 2127 The US Intelligence Community: Links to HSEC 3
Summer Semester
HSEC 2131 Introduction to Emergency Management 3
Elective 3 hours from list below 3
Fall Semester
HSEC 2134 Securing our Transportation Systems 3
HSEC 2138 Immigration Threats: Securing our Borders 3
Spring Semester
HSEC 2142 Protecting Critical Infrastructure 3
Elective 3 hours from list below 3
Total 30
HSEC 2146 Protection of Hazardous Materials 3
HSEC 2153 Theories of Terrorism: Analysis through Case Studies 3
HSEC 2159 Information Security (INFOSEC) 3
HSEC 2164 Corporate Security 3
POLS 1105 Current World Problems 3
POLS 2201 American State and Local Government 3
POLS 2401 Introduction to Global Issues 3

For more information:

Jason D. Armstrong
Criminal Justice Program Coordinator/Instructor
(229) 317-6837
Office I-225

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