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Addiction Counseling
Certificate Program

What is it?

Darton College
Addiction Counseling Program
CAC II Information and Requirements

The Addiction Counseling certificate program consists of six Georgia Addiction Counselors' Association (GACA) approved courses that total to 270 clock hours of academic instruction. Students who complete this certificate program will meet the academic training requirement at the CAC-II level for certification in addiction counseling. The six courses will be taught over a period of three semesters with two courses being offered per semester for a total of 6 semester credits and 90 clock hours each semester. Completion of this certificate program does not complete CAC-II level state certification requirements; there are four other requirements toward GACA certification as listed below:

Work Experience Hours 3 years or 6,000 hours within past 8 years
Education Bachelor’s Degree or Higher
Clinical Supervision 144 hours by a GACA-certified CCS
Testing Written Exam/Written Case History/Presentation

Please refer to the www.gaca.org (opens new window) website for additional information on state certification.

What can I do with it?

Check the following web site for possible career opportunities:

How do I apply?

What Courses do I take?

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