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Darton State College 2015 Video Production Scholarship Competition

What is it?

American Journalism finds itself at a crossroad. A 2010 study by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism finds that "Americans' relationship with news is changing in dramatic and irreversible ways." Cable Television, the internet, and rapidly developing technology are increasing the public's access to news and creating more and more ways for the audience to get involved. At the same time, public trust in the press is declining.

The Journalism Department at Darton State College is at the leading edge of the evolution of media, helping students analyze changes in technology and audience habits. The Journalism and Broadcast Journalism programs focus on the next generation for journalistic trends -- including backpack journalism, the use of social media, and multimedia dissemination -- without abandoning traditional journalistic values.

This site contains links to information about each specific program, student media outlets, and much more. Please do not hesitate to contact any of our faculty if you have questions about opportunities for students in the Journalism Department at Darton State College.


Larry Anderson
Journalism Program Coordinator

Brian Perkins
Broadcast Journalism Program Coordinator

What classes do I take?

What can I do with it?

What you can do with a degree in Journalism/Mass Communication?

A few of the possible careers:

  • Announcers
  • Book editors
  • Broadcasting Floor Manager
  • Broadcasting Prod. Supervisor
  • Columnists
  • Communication Statistician
  • Editor
  • Educational Media Specialist
  • Foreign Correspondents
  • Information Analyst
  • Instructional Designer
  • Journalist
  • Literary Agents
  • Magazine Editors
  • Newspaper Editors
  • Newspaper Publisher
  • Production Assistant
  • Publications Editor
  • Publicist
  • Radio News Director
  • Radio Talk-Show Host
  • Reporters
  • Speechwriter
  • Sports Broadcasters
  • Sports Publicist
  • Sportswriters
  • Systems Administrator
  • Technical Writers and Editors
  • Television Producer
  • Telecommunications Specialist
  • Television Reporter
  • Weather Forecasters
  • Writers

Mission Statement

In support of the mission statement of Darton State College, and within the context of the mission of the Humanities Division, the Darton State College Department of Journalism shares a commitment to develop the reporting and writing skills of the students in a variety of platforms, including print, broadcast, social media, and Internet. In addition, the mission of the Department of Journalism is to prepare students who (1) intend to transfer to other institutions of higher learning for continued academic studies and/or (2) who, upon graduation from Darton State College, intend to immediately pursue careers in the field of journalism. The Journalism Department’s curriculum also explores the history and traditions of the journalism profession while training students to be aware of the impact that new technology will have on their future careers. The Department of Journalism makes significant contributions to the academic community and the local, regional, and general journalism communities.

Journalism Department Goals

Students using Video Cameras
  1. Students will study the history and evolution of media and journalism in American society.
  2. Students will learn to write correctly and coherently, according to AP style standards, for the purpose of news distribution.
  3. Students will gain understanding of proper story-telling and interviewing techniques.
  4. Students will study the evolution of journalistic styles and values, and how they are affected by the Internet.
  5. Students will learn the importance of journalistic ethics and they will receive an overview of current media law.

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