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Social Work

What is It?

A career in social work can be very rewarding. Social workers care deeply about people’s quality of life. They can find employment in a many areas and frequently specialize in children, the elderly, the physically challenged, or the mentally challenged. Social workers help those who often cannot help themselves. They help people survive the best way they can in their environment, deal with their relationships, and solve personal and family problems.

The Social Work program at Darton State College is a transfer program. The Associate degree in Social Work provides the general education background necessary for transfer to a baccalaureate program in Social Work. The DSC program provides a strong background for those who are interested in working with/in large scale venues such as state or local government or who are interested in working with/in a much smaller scale, such as nursing homes, assisted living centers, centers for children, schools, and the like. Some conduct research or are involved in planning or policy development, but most social workers prefer an area of practice in which they interact with clients.

Another option to consider is the Human Services Certificate in Addiction Counseling.

What can I do with it?

There are many jobs one can do with an Associate Degree in Social Work but there are far more opportunities for those students with a Bachelors in Social Work (BSW). In many cases, the position requires a Master’s degree in Social Work and/or licensure-a LicMSW.

  • Obtain a Bachelors Degree from a four year institution: There are over 70 institutions in the Southeast alone that offer a four year degree in Social Work. A Social Work degree from Darton College will prepare you for enrollment into any one of them!!
  • Obtain your Associates of Science entirely online: The availability of online courses allows the students to manage their own course load and schedule. The online courses provide the same quality of instruction as students find in the classroom. The University System of Georgia core and degree requirements, as well as financial aid, registration, fee requirements, and text purchases, are all accessible online.
  • Associate Degree in Social Work career opportunities exist in areas of children, family, and school. There are opportunities for medical and public health social workers or mental health and substance abuse social workers. According to the US Department of Labor,
    “about 9 out of 10 jobs were in health care and social assistance industries, as well as State and local government agencies. While a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement, a master’s degree in social work or a related field has become the standard for many positions. Employment is projected to grow faster than average. Competition for jobs is expected in cities, but opportunities should be good in rural areas.”
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What courses do I take?

Your electives should parallel your interests. If you are interested in furthering your education, you should enroll in criminal justice, sociology and psychology courses. If you are seeking immediate employment or are interested in a more ‘hands-on’ approach, you should consider the Human Services program rather than the social work program

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