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Faculty and Staff

Wendy Kennedy, Dean
Building I, Room 133

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Full Time Faculty & Staff

Jason D. Armstrong
Contact Information

(2014) Instructor

Edward  Butler, III
Contact Information

(2009) Assistant Professor of History
B.A., Tulane University
M.A., Southeastern Louisiana University

Reba Goodin
Contact Information
  • Location: Building I, Office 222
  • Office Phone: 229-317-6849
  • Fax: 229-317-6670
  • Email Me Reba Goodin

(2006) Assistant Professor of Psychology
B.S., Georgia Southwestern State University
M.S., Valdosta State University

Dr. Jason S. Goodner
Contact Information

(2014) Assistant Professor of Sociology
B.S., Georgia Southern University
M.S., Georgia Southwestern State University
Ed.D., Valdosta State University

Carol Ann Ham
Contact Information

(1999) Assistant Professor Human Service Technology
Director, Humans Services Technology
B.A., Ohio University
M.A., Ohio University
M.S.W., Valdosta State University

Wendy Kennedy
Contact Information

(2002) Dean of Business
Dean of Social Science
Associate Professor of Education
Part Time Instructor of First Year Experience
M.Ed., Albany State University
B.A., Mercer University

Dr. Sarah Kuck
Contact Information

(2008) Associate Professor of Political Science
B.A., Georgia State University
M.S., Troy State University
D.P.A., Valdosta State University

David J. Latona
Contact Information

(2005) Assistant Professor of History
Coordinator of the Honors Program
A.A., Central Florida Community College
B.A., Florida State University
M.A., University of Central Florida

Cheryl P. Lucas
Contact Information

(2011) Teacher Education Program Coordinator/Instructor
B.A., Early Childhood Ed. - University of South Carolina
M.Ed., Early Childhood Ed. - Georgia Southwestern
Ed.S., Early Childhood Ed. - Georgia Southwestern
M.Ed. School Counseling - Valdosta State University

Roger B. Marietta
Contact Information
Roger B. Marietta

(1992) Associate Professor of Political Science
B.A., Pennsylvania State University
M.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Scott McDermott - Photo not available
Contact Information

(2015) Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Anne E. Michaels
Contact Information

(1995) Professor of Psychology
B.S., Lamar University
Sc.M., Ph.D., Brown University

Dr. Sharon Sewell
Contact Information

(2008) Assistant Professor of History
B.A., Bridgewater State College
M.A., Ph.D., Oklahoma State University

Carol Taylor
Contact Information

(2008) Senior Administrative Assistant of Business
Senior Administrative Assistant of Social Science

Dr. Patrick M. Whitehead
Contact Information

(2014) Assistant Professor

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