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Business & Social Science Clubs/Organizations


The Democratic, Independent, & Republican Team (DIRT) exists to educate and inform the student body on political procedures and policies.

Contact Roger Marietta for more information.

Honors Club

The Honors Association is composed of students who are enrolled in the Darton State College Honors Program, The Association serves as a springboard for extra-curricular activities such as community service projects and cultural events affiliated with the Honors Program. Through participation in activities on the Darton State College campus, the Honors Association also functions as a recruitment tool for the Honors Program. Monthly meetings are scheduled throughout the semester.

Contact Shani Clark or Ted Butler for more information.

Human Services Club

The purpose of the Human Services Club is to encourage the personal and professional growth of students through service learning projects both on the Darton campus and community-wide. The goal of the Human Services Club is to enhance the learning process while honing “hands-on’ human service skills.

Contact Elaine Blankenship for more information.

Omega Xi Theta

National organization for students majoring in criminal justice or related fields. Darton’s chapter, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, promotes awareness of criminal justice issues, sponsors seminars and debates on contemporary topics, provides services to the community, participates in professional workshops and develops valuable contacts with leaders in the criminal justice community.

Contact Wendy Kennedy for more information.

Paralegal Student Association

Students majoring in paralegal studies are invited to join the Paralegal Student Association at Darton State College. This association provides a forum for networking between students and professionals promotes awareness of issues relating to the field of paralegal studies and enhances professionalism through related educational activities. Dues are $10.

Contact Gina Trulock for more information.


Students in Free Enterprise- SIFE is a national organization with the mission of building SIFE teams at college and universities to teach others a better understanding of how the free enterprise system works. SIFE students are provided an opportunity to develop leadership abilities.

Contact Aaron Johnson for more information.

Students Professional Association of Georgia Educators (SPAGE)

Student Professional Association of Georgia Educators- SPAGE is the student club associated with the Professional Association of Georgia Educators. SPAGE offers students majoring in teacher education programs liability insurance, workshops on topics such as classroom management and the state code of ethics, and assistance with preparation for the GACE exams. Through PAGE’s publications, services and statewide meetings SPAGE members receive up-to-date information on education legislation, salary schedules, and current “hot” issues in the teaching field.

Contact Dr. Sheila Thomas for more information.

Other Related Clubs/Organizations

Baptist Collegiate Ministries

The Baptist Collegiate Ministries is a denominational ministry on all types of campuses. Its purpose is to conserve and help train Baptist students for effective Christian discipleship. It functions to remind each student of a responsibility to Christ, church, denomination and of the obligation as a Christian citizen to the world. The BCM is open to all students who would like to participate. For more information contact Mr. David Latona at (229) 317-3816.

Contact David Latona for more information.

Cavalier Chess Club

Contact Ms. Corrine Sweet for more information.

Military Student Organization

The Darton State College Military Student Organization acts as the voice for our military students (Active, Veteran, Guard, and Reserves) and their family members. Membership is open to all Darton students. For more information, contact Ms. Valerie McCarley at (229) 317-6538 or Ms. Tonya Curles at (229) 317-6907.

Contact Ms. Valerie McCarley or Ms. Tonya Curles for more information.


The Student Government Association serves as a liaison and provides a forum of communication and recommendation between the students of Darton State College and the Administration, the Board of Regents, the state government, and the public. Membership consists of the Executive Council, the Senate and the Cabinet. Senators must possess at least a 2.0 GPA. Executive Council members must possess at least a 2.5 GPA. For more information contact Mr. Eric O'Cain at (229) 317-6750 or Mr. Patrick Garner at (229) 317-6871.

Contact Eric O’Cain or Patrick Garner for more information.

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