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Georgia Government Review

What is the Georgia Government Review course and who needs it?

Georgia FlagStudents who have previously taken and passed POLS 1101 (American Government) from a school outside of the University System of Georgia are missing the legislative requirement for Georgia History and Constitution and have the option to take the online Georgia Government Review course. Also, some students who completed POLS 1101 at Darton State College prior to Fall 2013 may be required to complete the review course prior to graduation.

This free course will provide the necessary information and materials that students need to prepare for the challenge exam; the course is open every semester.

The course consists of a Georgia Government Summary, the Georgia Constitution and a PowerPoint presentation to assist with reading and reviewing the written material. Students can check their progress and retention of information by utilizing study aids; these consist of crossword puzzles, pick a letter, and fill in the blank questions.

After reading the course materials and preparation, students can take the challenge exam. The exam includes 25 multiple choice questions and is timed at 1 hour. Students must make a 70 or better to pass the proctored challenge exam and thus satisfy the legislative requirement. More information regarding the proctoring process and options can be found inside the course in the Proctored Testing and Information Form module.

Students who are missing the legislative requirement for Georgia History and Constitution should contact the Business and Social Science division office at 229-317-6560. After a review by the Registrar’s office, students will be added to the online class and can begin studying the course material.

In order to be eligible for the Ga Government Review, the student must have previously passed POLS 1101 at an institution outside of the University System of Georgia, or have completed POLS 1101 at Darton prior to Fall 2013, and be currently enrolled at Darton State College.

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