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Academic Support Services at Darton State College

The first line of defense is your instructor.
Talk with the instructor first to address your academic concerns.

Writing Center

  • assists Darton students with writing assignments (such as research papers, journals, essays, reports, etc) from ANY discipline - not just ENGL classes
  • works one-on-one with students throughout the writing process to polish grammar, adhere to assigned style (MLA, APA, etc), and avoid plagiarism
  • offers assistance with computer skills/programs needed to complete writing assignments
  • offers online tutoring (Visit the Writing Center homepage for more information)
  • provides supplemental instruction for both Learning Support and college-level students in English grammar and composition.
Contact Information:

Location: C-102
Phone number: (229) 317-6983 or 6984
Director: Steve Preston
Visit the Writing Center homepage for more information.

Peer Tutoring Center

  • assists students only after they have gone first to their instructor for help and have received assistance in the appropriate center or lab
  • focuses on providing tutors for courses for which there are no support services, such as chemistry, history, anatomy, and accounting
  • provides one-on-one tutoring from a qualified, faculty-recommended Darton student
  • assigns tutors by appointment only. Call 317-6738 for more information or go by C-103i
Contact Information:

Tutors are available by appointment.
Location: C-103i
Phone number: (229) 317-6738
Coordinator: Deena Newman
Visit the Peer Tutoring Center homepage for more information.

Math Center

  • provides supplemental instruction for both Learning Support and college level students in math.
  • provides online tutoring (visit the Math Center homepage for more information).
Contact Information:

Location: I-110
Phone number: (229) 317-6881
Coordinator: Ben Anderson
Visit the Math Center homepage for more information.

Foreign Language Lab

  • provides tutoring and assistance to students who are taking foreign language courses at Darton State College
  • is equipped with computers, headphones, and microphones to access websites and programs, to listen to audio recordings, to watch video programs, and to record speeches and answers to online exercises
  • provides technical support to foreign language students who are not familiar with computers and/or the Internet (many of our courses utilize technologies extensively)
Contact Information:

Location: F-216
Phone number: (229) 317-6913
Director: Shigeru Tanaka
Visit the Foreign Language Lab homepage for more information.

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