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The Business & Social Science Division is committed to providing, to a diverse student body, an environment for achieving academic excellence. Comprehensive course offerings of a transfer and technical nature will be offered to enhance the knowledge of students and to meet the needs of the community. Opportunities will be provided for students in the area of individual development, intellectual growth, social and ethical responsibility, and community involvement. The division will work as a team in a cooperative manner with all other units of the college in order to achieve this mission.

Wendy Kennedy, Interim Dean
Building I, Room 133
Business: (229) 317-7001
Social Science: (229) 317-6560

Business &
Social Science Division

Areas of Interest:


Career Planning & Employment Projections

For further information about any of the Business and Social Science programs please contact the Division Administrative Assistant at:
(229) 317-7001 (Business Division) or (229) 317-6560 (Social Science Division).