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Learning Support Cut Scores

score 62 - 73
Reading 0099
score of 74 or higher
No Reading Requirement
score 32 - 59
English 0099
score of 60 or higher
No English Requirement
score below 37
Math 0097, followed by Math 0099
score of 37 or higher
No Math Requirement
Math CPC Deficiency Math 0099 required

Students must take Learning Support courses required of their curriculum. Students must register for all required Learning Support courses before registering for any credit work. Students are permitted to enroll in credit courses (1) if they have completed or are enrolled in all their Learning Support courses, and (2) if the Learning Support work is not a prerequisite. Students enrolled in both Learning Support work and credit work may not drop a Learning Support course unless they also drop all credit work. A student who accumulates thirty semester college credit hours and has not successfully completed required Learning Support courses may enroll only in Learning Support courses until requirements are successfully completed.

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