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Frequently Asked Questions


Why must I take this class?
Students who fall beneath the passing score (60) on the college placement test must take a Learning Support ENGL 0099 course in order to remediate the skills necessary for succeed in college-level courses.
How many times can I take this class?
Students are entitled to two attempts in ENGL 0099. Students who fail to exit their Learning Support English course in two attempts will be placed on Learning Support suspension for one year.
Why do I have to go to the Writing Lab?
The Labs are a critical component to each Learning Support area. The labs provide additional help for students to further their understanding of the content area.
What happens if I don’t complete the Lab requirements?
Most instructors will not allow students who do not complete all necessary requirements, including Lab assignments, to take the Departmental English Competency Exam (DECE).
What if I pass the DECE and fail the Compass?
The Departmental Essay Competency Examination is a timed, extemporaneous essay that each student must successfully complete to demonstrate their ability to write. If the student does not pass the DECE, he/she will receive a grade of IP and be required to retake the course the following semester if he/she is eligible for a second attempt.
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