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Department Policies

Learning Support Format

All Learning Support course offer special instruction designed to correct students' basic skills deficiencies; such deficiencies are identified through placement and diagnostic testing. To exit a Learning Support area, students must satisfy the instructional requirements of all required courses and must pass the COMPASS test. Mathematics, Reading, and Writing Laboratories are open both day and night for individual assistance for students with specific problems. These laboratories have both directors and student assistants for tutorial services at no additional cost to the student.

Learning Support Course Credits

Students who successfully complete these courses will be awarded institutional college credit for their achievement. Credit hours earned in Learning Support courses will be in addition to those required for graduation.

Laboratory Services

Mathematics, Reading, and Writing Laboratories are located on the second floor of the McKnight Building (F Building). Their support services are offered free of charge to students enrolled in either Learning Support classes or college credit classes. Lab directors and assistants give students individual help. The labs are open both day and evening for the convenience of all Darton College students.

Learning Support Suspension

  1. The maximum number of Learning Support classes in English and reading will be one each (ENGL 0099, READ 0099), with two attempts in each area to exit. Failing to complete either area after two attempts will place the student on Learning Support Suspension.
  2. Students will have a total of three attempts to exit Learning Support Mathematics. These three attempts will be the total of any attempts in either MATH 0097 or MATH 0099. Failing to complete the two courses after three combined attempts will place the student on Learning Support Suspension.
  3. Receiving any of the following grades is considered an attempt: A, B, C, D, F, WF, S, U, I, or IP
  4. There are no academic appeals for additional attempts for students enrolled in Learning Support courses.
  5. The mandatory waiting period for students to return to a USG institution after being placed on Learning Support Suspension has been reduced from three years to one year.
  6. All time spent in Learning Support areas within the University System of Georgia is cumulative. Students shall not be allowed more than three attempts or twelve semester hours, whichever comes first in a Learning Support area even though some attempts may have been at another University System institution.
  7. The number of college-level credit hours allowed before a student can take only learning support courses has increased from 20 to 30.
  8. All first-time, full- time or part- time students enrolled in Learning Support courses must take DART 1000.
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