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Frequently Asked Questions

Writing Lab

1. Am I required to do lab time?

All students in Learning Support English and students in Regents’ Review Essay classes are required to complete lab time. Please refer to the class syllabus for requirements.

2. Why do I have to sign in and out if I am not in one of those classes?

We keep track of everyone who uses the Writing Lab so that we can continue to offer quality materials, equipment, and other resources.

3. What kinds of help can I get in the Writing Lab?

The Lab offers a variety of resources to help students with grammar, punctuation, composition, and research. We have video tapes, computer software programs, handouts and text books, and professional tutorial assistance.

4. Can you edit my papers?

The Lab personnel do not edit the papers of those students who are in English or Regents’ classes if those papers will be given to teachers for a grade. All papers from other courses may be edited. However, students are strongly encouraged to write practice papers that will not be given to the instructor for a grade. These papers will be edited and returned to the student during a conference so that the student can receive one-to-one teaching to help improve grammar, punctuation, and composition skills.

5. Can I use the lab if I am not a registered student?

The Writing Lab services are available only to people who are currently enrolled Darton students.

6. I live far from the main campus and can’t get to the Writing Lab. Are there any resources or help available to me online?

The Darton website offers direct links to grammar and punctuation practice programs, the Regents’ Test website, and other resources. Students may also contact the Writing Lab Director or Assistant Director for further one-to-one assistance.

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