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Associate Degree Program Admission Requirements

Photo: Sherry WorkingIn addition to the application forms submitted for admission to the College in general, students applying for the first time and those returning to nursing courses after a break in nursing enrollment are required to submit a separate application for admission to the Associate Degree Nursing Program. Application forms are available only on the web site under the nursing tab.

The Associate Degree Nursing Program has limited enrollment, and students are selected based on college course grades, completion of required nursing related coursework, pre-admission test score, and other qualifications related to academic and professional potential.

Students who wish to be considered for admission to the nursing program must submit a nursing program application to the Nursing department by the published deadlines.

Consideration for initial admission or re-admission to the program will be given after it has been determined that all admission requirements have been fulfilled. Readmissions are based on available space.

Applicants accepted for a designated beginning nursing class who do not enroll in that class must re-submit an application to the Nursing Office to be considered for a subsequent class. Accepted applicants who fail to maintain admission standards will be dropped before beginning the nursing program.

Additional Admissions Requirements:

  1. ASN applicants must have completed required Learning Support courses.
  2. ASN applicants must complete the pre-admission test [the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) V] and must earn a minimum overall score of 65. Can not take the TEAS test more than twice in a calendar year. Applicants who do not meet the minimum TEAS score (or grade point average) will not be allowed to apply. Pre-admission cut-off scores for admission vary each semester of testing based on candidates who test.
  3. ASN applicants must have a GPA of 2.8 with a minimum of 3-5 of the core classes.
    The 3-5 core classes include Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II, English 1101,
    and Math 1001 / Math 1111 or higher.
    1. Only core courses required for the associate degree nursing program will be used to calculate the grade point average. Grades achieved in each attempt will be used in the calculation of this grade point average.
    2. Students must have a grade of “C” or better in all nursing core courses.
    3. Grades in core courses applicable to the nursing program older than ten years may not be calculated in the admission GPA.
  4. When faculty/student ratio limits the acceptance of all qualified students, preference may be given to students with the highest GPA and nursing pre-admission test score , and who have completed all required core classes. In addition, other factors may contribute to acceptance/denial in situations where the admission criteria are highly competitive (such as previous nursing attempts, etc.)
  5. Applicants formerly enrolled in a nursing program may apply; however, they must submit a letter from the dean/director of their former program verifying the student left his/her program in good standing. Applicants who earned less than a “C” in two or more nursing courses while enrolled in a previous nursing program must wait a period of three calendar years before they will be considered for admission to Darton State College’s nursing program. If accepted to Darton’s program no transfer credit will be given for prior nursing courses.
  6. Science courses taken more than five years prior to enrolling in the nursing program will be evaluated by the Nursing Department Dean.
    1. BIOL 2115K will not have to be repeated.
    2. All Biology 2111K and 2112K will need to be repeated if greater than five years if person is not an active healthcare professional (LPN or Paramedic). Active healthcare professional students (LPNs or Paramedics) may elect to take both of these courses or BIOL 2112K as a refresher to meet the science requirements.
    3. Students in active healthcare practice do not need to re-take the sciences unless it has been eight years or more since the courses were completed.
  7. ASN students who have completed an LPN Nursing Program or the Advanced Naval Corpsman Hospitalman Course (NER-HN-001) and have one year of active practice within the past two years may challenge NURS 1101 and NURS 1111 for credit. Appointments to challenge these courses will be made after the application, a copy of PNE transcript and a copy of current Georgia license have been submitted.
  8. ASN students wishing to repeat NURS 1101/1301 must submit a new application for admission to the nursing program. Readmission will be on a space-available basis and adhere to admission requirements.
  9. LPNs and paramedics who have been practicing as an LPN or a paramedic for at least one year may be eligible for the Healthcare Professional to RN bridge program provided all other admission criteria have been met.

The Nursing department is responsible for the information on this page.
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Department Chair: Larecia Gilll, MSN, RN.

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