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Swainsboro Track

Track Offered Again:
Fall 2015

Photo: Swainsboro Graduates


Students will be required to meet all the admission requirements of Darton State College. Classes are held at East Georgia State College. The location of clinicals will be held at locations in Swainsboro and the surrounding area. All five semesters can be done at East Georgia State College.

Photo: Swainsboro Student For more information, please contact the Nursing Division office at East Georgia State College or Darton State College.

East Georgia State College Building C
Offices C125 & C127
Beth Sipper, MSN, RN

Bridget L. Clarke
Admin Assistant

Swainsboro Class, October 30, 2012

Responsible Department: Nursing
Content Contact: Larecia Gill (web representative)
Department Head: Deanna Radford
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