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Nursing RN to BSN Completion Program

RN to BSN Admission for Spring 2017
Applications being accepted August 1st - November 1st
Full-time & Part-time options now available

Additional Admission Requirements

The admission to the RN-BSN is a competitive admission. Students will be granted admission according to their qualifications and completeness of their application packet.

Applicants must:

  1. Be a graduate of an ACEN-accredited associate degree or diploma program in nursing.
  2. Have a current, unrestricted US Registered Nurse license (unless new graduate in which proof is required prior to second semester of RN to BSN course work).
  3. Obtain a Georgia Board of Nursing registered nurse license prior to enrollment into any clinical nursing courses (offered the 2nd semester).
  4. Meet all admission criteria for Darton College and be admitted in “good” standing with the College. (Note: Admission to the College must be completed by the nursing application deadline)
  5. Have a minimum transfer core GPA of 2.8 (based on a 4.0 scale) to be considered for admission. (Note: Grades in Nursing and Science courses will be examined as part of the competitive application process)Lower division nursing course work may be utilized to configure GPA.
  6. Complete and sign the “Application for Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion Program”.
    (Note: Applications will not be considered complete unless all materials are received by the deadline (printed on Application form). These materials are described on the application and include: letters of reference, essay, and your signature). Upon acceptance into the RN to BSN completion program, a criminal background check will be required by the School of Nursing prior to any clinical courses. The student will be responsible for the expense of the background check.
  7. Print and use the recommendation form supplied by Darton College (found on the Darton College nursing website). Ask the person writing the recommendation to place the completed form in an envelope with their signature on the back seal. Please return the envelopes with your application packet.
  8. Applicant must not have been excluded/dismissed from any other nursing program for any reason, including (but not limited to) academic misconduct, disruptive/unprofessional behavior, or program failure. A nursing course failure in another institution counts as a failure in this institution.
  9. A potential interview may be scheduled between the student and the BSN Program Coordinator after all application materials have been received. The interview may be used in the selection process of RN to BSN applicants. This interview is not a guarantee of admission into the RN to BSN completion program
  10. Health Requirements: After acceptance into the nursing program and prior to starting any clinical courses in the nursing program the following are required: (a) health history and physical examination; (b) immunization requirements including measles, rubella, and hepatitis B; (c) tuberculosis screening; (d) current American Heart Association CPR for Health Care Providers' certification; (e) health professions student liability insurance; and (f) personal health insurance. Personal health insurance is a requirement of the Board of Regents for students in the health care professions. If a student does not have personal health insurance, they will be billed through Darton College.
  11. Successfully complete 61 semester hours of core curriculum prior to acceptance into the program (see section 4.f. for Core Curriculum; see Darton College Academic Catalog for details on specific courses).
    1. After successful completion of 7 semester hours of the RN to BSN completion program, 30 semester hours of equivalent credit for previous nursing courses will be awarded.
  12. Submit scores, not more than two years old, on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) if the applicant’s native language is not English.
    1. The TOEFL is not required of international applicants who have received a degree from an accredited U.S. institution.

Advanced Placement

Advanced placement for the RN to BSN completion program follows the articulation plan as described above. Credit will not be given for BSN level nursing coursework from other institutions.


The RN to BSN program is not an accelerated program.

Part-time Study

Part-time study will be considered as an option after the first year of the RN to BSN completion program. Part-time students are required to follow the sequencing of courses and meet all pre and co-requisites for each course.


The RN to BSN completion program follows supports the Georgia RN-BSN Articulation model for entry and progression through the program. The registered nurse articulating to the baccalaureate level will be awarded 30 semester hours accrued from their previous associate or diploma degree. These credits will be held in escrow until the baccalaureate candidate successfully completes 7 semester hours of nursing credit. Credits held in escrow will then be added to the student’s transcript.

Admission into the RN to BSN completion program will follow the RN-BSN Articulation Program prescribed by the Georgia RN-BSN Articulation Plan (Effective December, 2003) as summarized below (also in Appendix E):

  1. Meet the program's admission requirements.
  2. Meet the program's general education entry requirements (Core Curriculum see Appendix B).
  3. Hold a current and valid license to practice as a registered professional nurse in the United States and be eligible for Georgia Licensure Professional Nurse license before beginning clinical classes.
  4. Meet testing requirements if applicable.
  5. For Associate Degree or Diploma Degree Graduates of nursing programs in Georgia:
    • 0-4 years after graduation requires no testing/no clinical practice required.
    • >4 years after graduation with 1000 hours of clinical practice in the prior 3 years requires no testing.
    • >4 years after graduation with <1000 hours of clinical practice in the prior 3 years requires testing.

For associate degree and diploma degree nurses from Non-NLNAC accredited programs outside Georgia (including outside the United States), testing may be required. Contact the RN to BSN coordinator for more information at (229-317-6892).

Additional Costs and Fees

  1. All applicants must pay the application fee for the RN to BSN Completion program.
  2. Students not meeting the articulation plan requirements must pay challenge testing fees.
  3. Professional liability insurance is required prior to clinical rotations.
  4. The students must assume responsibility for his/her own health in the event of illness, accident, or exposure to communicable disease. Evidence of health insurance is required prior to clinical practicum.
  5. All nursing students are required to meet the requirements of the facilities utilized for clinical experience which may include laboratory screenings and immunizations. All students are required to have a repeat tuberculin skin test at the end of the first year.
  6. All nursing students may be expected to pay a Testing Fee each semester.
  7. All nursing students are required to have uniforms as required by the clinical agency, a Darton College name tag, and a Darton College lab jacket with Darton logo.
  8. Nursing students are required to join the Darton College GANS Chapter to enhance professional development.
  9. All nursing students will be required to pay for a one-time criminal background check, which includes drug screening, on admission to the program. This information will be available to all clinical facilities. *If the student has a conviction in the criminal background check, the student may not be allowed in a particular practice setting. Reasonable accommodations will be made if possible.
  10. If drug abuse is suspected, the student will be required to be tested at the student’s expense.

*GBON Approved, ACEN Accredited

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