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Nursing RN to BSN Completion Program

Part Time Plan of Study

First Semester
NURS 3000 Nursing Informatics 1
NURS 3005 Pathophysiology 3
NURS 3010 Intro to Professional Nursing 3
Second Semester
NURS 3200 Health Assessment 4
NURS 3500 Health and Wellness of Aging 3
Third Semester
NURS 4400 Community Health Nursing and Practicum 5
Fourth Semester
NURS 4800 Nursing Research 3
NURS 4900 Ethical Issues in Nursing 3
Fifth Semester
NURS 4010 Principles of Nursing Leadership and Practicum 5

*Upon evaluation of transcripts and following 7 credit hours of upper division nursing courses, students will receive 30 articulation hours for associate/diploma level nursing course work.

*Total core 61-63 hours, upper level nursing courses 30 hours, articulation credit 30 hours to equal 121-123 credit hours for graduation.

*GBON Approved, ACEN Accredited

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