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The Nursing Division at Darton State College believes that in today’s modern world of nursing, education for our adult learners should be centered on patient care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, informatics, and safety.

Nursing educators at Darton State College place an emphasis on patient centered care and strive to teach concepts which enable students to develop safe, competent, ethical, and personally responsible nursing practice. The nursing faculty believes that the patient’s own values should be considered and reflected in the plan of care throughout the lifespan in the associate and the RN to BSN Completion program.

Photo: Nursing Students at a HospitalThe nursing division strives to teach students how to work collaboratively and effectively within a team setting. The faculty recognizes the significance of evaluating nursing literature and research in an effort to teach the latest evidence-based practice. The concepts of nursing research are further explored in the RN to BSN Completion program.

The nursing faculty recognizes that there are constantly evolving needs to improve the quality and the safety of health care and that it is important to teach nursing students the significance of quality improvement in nursing. In the RN to BSN Completion program, the roles of leadership, informatics, and community health nursing will further enrich the student’s understanding of these concepts.

The faculty believes that the Darton State College Nursing Program contributes to communities by preparing nurses who are competent and safe for an entry-level position and value lifelong learning. By encouraging students to continue their education at Darton State College in the RN to BSN Completion program, the needs of the local, state, and nation will be met by increasing the number of baccalaureate prepared nurses.

Furthermore, Darton State College Nursing Division strives to teach principles which will prepare the entry level nurse how to incorporate the use of informatics in day to day patient care, leadership roles, and evidence-based practice.

The faculty believes that learning is a partnership between the faculty, the student, and the patient. The instructor’s role is to assist the student in clarifying concepts, problem solving, and developing individual strengths necessary for competent practice. This process creates a social, cultural, and scientific awareness that manifests itself in responsible professional practice within our communities.

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