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Academic Information

Health & Physical Education Requirements

Students will be required to take three health/physical education courses to meet the graduation requirement for AA/AS programs. One of the three courses must meet the fitness competency requirement as listed in the college catalog. A full listing of the fitness competency courses are listed below.

Please note that career programs may have different requirements.

To satisfy the fitness competency requirement for graduation, choose one of the following:

Course Number Title Sem. Hrs
PHED 1105 Strength Training 2
PHED 1106 Walk, Jog, or Run for Fitness 2
PHED 1139 Fitness Swimming 2
PHED 1161 Fitness I 2

Other Information

  • Veterans -
    Veterans of more than one year of active military service may be given credit for four (4) courses of health or physical education upon presentation of Form DD 214 to the Registrar’s Office. Veterans must make this request before enrolling in a health or physical education course.
  • Repeated Courses -
    Health and Physical Education courses may not be repeated and will not count towards the required courses needed for graduation. Classroom health courses may not be repeated.
  • Medical Conditions/Disability -
    Since Darton State College does not grant an exemption from physical education for health reasons, students with a physical disability may satisfy this requirement by completing four health courses which are taught in a classroom setting. Students are urged to ask their advisors or one of the physical education instructors if there are any questions regarding the strenuousness of a physical education course. It is the responsibility of each student with a physical disability who elects to take an activity physical education course to advise the instructor of the disability so that proper accommodations can be made.
  • Substitutions -
    A student may substitute music ensemble classes (MUSC 1152 Instrumental Ensemble and MUSC 1153 Vocal Ensemble) for up to two (2) of the physical education requirements.

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